Thursday, January 26, 2012

Danaea & Mike

I think the title of this wedding should be "Freezing Fun"!  
It was bitter cold out on January 14, 2012 (we're talking below 0') But Danaea & Mike and their family and friends were determined to have an amazing day at the Hall of Springs.

We had been contracted to work with them on "day of coordination" and help make the day, 
and all of it's fun little surprises, happen.

Meredith and I started out at the hotel to drop off the bridal party lunches.

The ladies had brought a fun beverage tub monogrammed with the bride "to be's" new name.  
I love to see champagne in the bridal suite.  It always helps take the edge off.

I was happy to see the bridal beauty boutique in full swing....champagne in hand and bride looking calmer than ever.  Of course when you have the Make Me Fabulous' team onsite...there's no other way to do it.

Dresses and gowns were hung with care in.  Brides love to surprise their maids with little gifts.  
Danaea surprised them with "special hangers" for each of their dresses. 
So cute! ...I think she picked them up from

After we had our first check in with the bride, I was off to say hi to my groom.  He was so excited to give me a little something for his bride.  So back to the brides room we went.
(Danaea had sent him a little something too)

The bridesmaids watched from the door as the bride opened each box.

Then my fun floral team from, Fleurtacious Designs, dropped by with the personals.

Al Woodard shot a few fun video clips of the bridal prep with Joe Elario.  Brides, Al is an amazing videographer. He is very much a behind the scenes don't even realize he's there until you get this amazing video after the wedding.

This picture became famous on my FB that day....brides love this video/photo combo.

Next on the itinerary...groom and groomsmen get dressed.  
My groom provided bow tie instructions. so cute! 

Our maids were all ready to help the bride get into her gown.  I love this image...such a special moment on the wedding day...everything is ahead of you...and only exciting moments to happen.

Dad didn't want to let go the first time he saw his daughter.

My bridal assistant Meredith brought the bride down to the trolley and 
got the girls ready for the "first look".

I am in love with these dresses and accessories. 
They looked amazing and were accented with gorgeous bouquets.

Behind the scenes, Meredith held onto the brides boots and helped cue the driver
 to open the door, moments before the first look.  
JP told me "walk her up to here and then drop the dress".

Amazing moments...these guys have some serious love going on.

One of the sweetest moments of the groom with tears after seeing his bride-to-be.

After the first look the Elario's had the bridal party photo shoot.  My poor maids were frozen.  Thank goodness my bride had a beautiful stole.  I highly recommend to any bride, if you are doing any outside photoshoots consider the season and plan for the weather 
(sunny - parasols, rainy - boots and umbrella's, freezing - wraps and gloves)

JP and Joe setting up the perfect arrangements...."uhh boys hustle my bridesmaids are frozen".

After the bridal photo shoot the guys and girls went inside to get warm and the bride and groom had to tough it out for a few more amazing shots. 
One of my most favorite shots of all time is a veil in the it!

Family photo shoot was next.  The bride and her grandmother looks stunning.


And then it was time to triple check ceremony set up before guests started to arrive.  My assistant brought the bridal party to the suite to touch up before we got started.

I love a ceremony set up in the 'round'.  It's more intimate and everyone feels involved. 
Even rounding chairs into an amphitheatre will help.  
Fleurtacious had set up floating candles and arrangements at the start of each aisle.

ok, here we go.  Music is cued up, groomsmen are lined up, maids are down the aisle, and then it's time for my bride and her father.  The smile on her face says "ok dad, I'm ready".  

Peaking out from the back is one of my favorite vendors ....Kevin Sykes from the Hall of Springs.  He always loves to come down and watch the ceremony kick off.

Behind the scenes during the ceremony.  One of the cool parts about this ceremony was that the father of the groom officiated it.  If possible having an officiant that you know is the best.



After the ceremony the bridal party and I bustled the bride and sent the party off to their own private cocktail area, while guests went into Formal Cocktails.

BTW this is Maryann, she looks funny here, but she is my girl at the HOS.  She and I had our little pow-wow during cocktail hour and confirmed one last time what was about to take place.

The seating cards were very creative.  The couple decided to take mini Polaroid pictures throughout the year and write the name and table # on the bottom.  The guests LOVED this special touch.


Towards the end of cocktail hour we gathered up the bridal party for introductions.  This is always a funny time for me. It never fails that they all start coordinating their big move when they enter. 

Behind the scenes look of the bride and groom before they get announced.  They can hear the band revving up the crowd...guests yelling with excitement. One of my favorite moments of the night.

Cue the sparklers

The first dance was great. doesn't matter if you put Usher to shame or not....
you have to twirl your bride during the first dance.

Guests were delighted to see all white elegant arrangements on each table with silver and blue accents.

For any couples in the midst of planning, if you can squeeze in lighting...DO IT!  
It will change your room and make it magical.

This is a new trend I've started to see...bride and groom forks.

The band was hot and kept that dance floor packed for.... count 'em....7 hours!


After all of our formalities were done and dinner had concluded, the bride and groom had planned for a sweet dessert treat.  Gourmet flavored popcorn in lieu of a cake.

I was lovin' the buffalo flavor.  But they also had pickle (brides fav'), wedding cake flavor and regular. YUMMO

The Elario's crazy photo booth party.  The photo booth has become an activity un-to-its-own.  People swarm to it.... and Hayden was holding it down at this wedding. (LOVE Hayden!!)

One of my fav' shots of the whole day.  Love, fun, party, poofy dress....what's left to say.

A huge thank you to Danaea and Mike for including us.  It was so much fun getting to know you and your families.  I hope you smile when you remember your wedding day! 

Thank you of the Elario's for amazing images!

Leave a comment or two...would love to hear your thoughts on our blog!


jp elario said...

c dub's,

as always you smoked this event. i wish all my brides had coordination. :)

K*Favolous said...

I love the format of your blog - you describe the day like a story, or in this case a fairytale! This couple's day looks perfect from start to finish, thanks to all of the professionals involved and the CW magic.

I must agree with your comment regarding the uplighting. The HOS is exquisite on its own, but uplighting really adds an extra something special!

Congratulations to the bride and groom!

Gina M. said...

Terrific blog!

Love how it flows. Plus, not only is it punctuated by gorgeous photos, you've woven in some great details for upcoming brides, like latest trends, decor/lighting tips, etc.

Awesome job, Christine.

Meredith said...

wowww, how am I so lucky to be featured in both blogs! Both days were so amazing. CW- You really out do yourself. I'm honored to be a part of your team. Can't wait for the next wedding :)